Our Service

What is Match Making?

Match making, by it’s very nature is the pairing of two individuals who are compatible and share the same interests. With this phenomenon, EROS SA has devised a match making service that focuses on bridging a bond between 2 persons that are not only compatible and share the same interests but are also ready to take that relationship leap into the future.

Finding Your Match

EROS SA does all the work for you in finding your match. By simply signing up on our site, you are able to attend our ChatMatch sessions, where we will enable you to meet other participants that best matches your personality, interests, lifestyle and preferences.

How Our Match Making Service Works

Our match making service is one of a kind, as it has a personal touch and creates the opportunity for potential matches to meet face-to-face in a safe environment.

We host 30-minute ChatMatch sessions where individuals are zoomed into different chat rooms where they are able to meet and chat to potential matches, based on compatibility of profiles. Attendance to a ChatMatch costs R100. Just imagine, you could meet your life-long partner by attending our ChatMatch sessions. Never leave your home again to find the match for you.

If you’re serious about looking for long-lasting happiness, then sign up today… it is easy, free and we guarantee a professional service. 

How to get started

Please note that you would need to attend an event to meet your potential partner. Follow the steps below to get started:

1 Go to Member Zone to register.

2 After you have registered, click on the link that was emailed to you to complete and activate your profile.

3 You will then receive a profile link via email. Please retain this link to make future changes to your profile.

4 Our EROS SA team will get to work to find your match.

5 You will receive an invitation to attend a ChatMatch session to meet your potential matches.